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Scribble Sunday

I should be working on cats / vectors instead of scribbling.


Two Ears

Two ears? So?

I think those with two pointy ears on top of the head are cute.

Hello /* from half a */ World //away


I am in Santiago, Chile for Start-up Chile and will stay for more than 6 months.1 month after being static and kept in pouch, flew from Penang to Santiago, this lovely drawing tablet still works with my caveman doodle :)

I’m happier than a pigeon with infinite bread crumbs.

Doodle of the Day #13 – Heavily Spaced

Ever felt like old memories and past actions that you regret came back by giving you a hardcore flashback, and then you get weaken by it? It makes you so heavy even though your logic keeps pushing yourself forward? So embarrassing of your past actions and want to scream into a cup of yogurt? The gush of regrets will come back.

YUP, and there’s nothing else you can do about it but to be thankful that you’re not an elephant, so you get high chance of forgetting about it in the future.

P/S: banging your head on table will not work unless you pass out.

Doodle of the Day #12 – Syd

I like Syd Barrett.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not fully evolved by being the recipe for disasters. I don’t think I am awfully flawed with colors and visual stuff… maybe I’ve been killed by the morning sun.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #9 – Corporate Wolf

You can call it a corporate dog, corporate wolf, corporate husky… whatever pun you like. I personally thinks canines in suits are as cute as a squirrel’s nose.

I think it’s an adorable Sunday morning doodle post. Way to start a day.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #6 – Self Portrait Horror

This is what I doodle when I don’t even try to think too much.

Tips on staying focused

I find myself having trouble to focus on stuff that I need to complete because I tend to sway away to do stuff that I want to do at that point of time. My best tips of staying focused is not give a shit about staying focused. It’ll make you happier.

Man, I love retro prints.

I'll call this speed-illustration as "Koemo Koemo"

(“speed-” + * = stuff done within 30 minutes)

Zero Refills

I love Momo the spitz.

New Illustrations for WordPress Header and Favicon

Matt had decided to self host his blog so I was invited to get a self-hosted wordpress by tagging with him (Yay!). I made myself a new blog header: stink face cat (a tribute to the late Captain Fluffertton) with titles.

…then I made a new blog header image for Matt: the lazy and contented Mr. Grey with an iPhone 4 on his belly.

…I made simple illustration to fill in our blog’s favicon and touch icon for mobile phones too. My head is really bigger in real life, hope that’s a good sign :D

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