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A Little bit of Flvrd Tee and Doodle of the Day!

Oh my, seems like I’ve skipped my doodle challenge for yesterday. I’d stay outside of my working area for almost the whole day to meet up with some new people. I also took some shots with the brand new Flvrd tee that have just arrived last week. Go have a look, it’s a cute tee shirt! Unfortunately we only print a limited amount for ourselves so hang on, we’ll definitely give / sell some when we the chance to mass produce it *wink*. While waiting, go have another look at my ongoing project with Matt: Flvrd.

Quick doodle of the day: Momo & I rolling on the floor with papers. It’s our favorite thing to do together!

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #10 – Labrador & Caterpillar

A labrador retriever meets a tall caterpillar with prosthetic feet.

Should rename “Almost Daily Doodle Challenge” to “Retarded Random Doodles”.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #9 – Corporate Wolf

You can call it a corporate dog, corporate wolf, corporate husky… whatever pun you like. I personally thinks canines in suits are as cute as a squirrel’s nose.

I think it’s an adorable Sunday morning doodle post. Way to start a day.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #4 – Pommo Feet

The many feet of a happy senior pomeranian named momo.

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