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JoJolion’s Gappy Cat

JoJolion’s Josuke becomes a gappy cat. How cute can this be?

I’ve been loving JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures lately, I know I started out late because nobody told me about how fabulous the manga is. It gets better for every part.

Quick doodle: Gappy / Josuke + cat = Gappy cat.

josuke gappy cat

JoJolion’s surprised Gappy cat

Like only lovers can

Secret project coming soon with more of these sweet, sweet little things. Hope I don’t flop it.


Doodle of the day – CAAAATZZZZZZZZ

I’m busy with stuff. I put one of the stuff i drew today into here.

A cat, grey cat, om nom nom a biscuits.


a dog person.

Keyboard Cat GIF

It’s Sunday, I should be working on Wooffle and doing other types of illustration stuff. Stay-focused? Nope. I ended up making a animated keyboard cat gif. Whenever I think of YouTube, I’ll think of this happy gem.

Getting my ass back to work, let’s hope I don’t mess up this time. Hasta luego.

New Illustrations for WordPress Header and Favicon

Matt had decided to self host his blog so I was invited to get a self-hosted wordpress by tagging with him (Yay!). I made myself a new blog header: stink face cat (a tribute to the late Captain Fluffertton) with titles.

…then I made a new blog header image for Matt: the lazy and contented Mr. Grey with an iPhone 4 on his belly.

…I made simple illustration to fill in our blog’s favicon and touch icon for mobile phones too. My head is really bigger in real life, hope that’s a good sign :D

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