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Two Ears

Two ears? So?

I think those with two pointy ears on top of the head are cute.

Doodle of the day – CAAAATZZZZZZZZ

I’m busy with stuff. I put one of the stuff i drew today into here.

A cat, grey cat, om nom nom a biscuits.


a dog person.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #10 – Labrador & Caterpillar

A labrador retriever meets a tall caterpillar with prosthetic feet.

Should rename “Almost Daily Doodle Challenge” to “Retarded Random Doodles”.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #9 – Corporate Wolf

You can call it a corporate dog, corporate wolf, corporate husky… whatever pun you like. I personally thinks canines in suits are as cute as a squirrel’s nose.

I think it’s an adorable Sunday morning doodle post. Way to start a day.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #5 – Ideal Co-Founders

I think this combination makes a golden team. Match made in the swamp heaven.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #3 – Octopus’s Bubble

I can’t focus on my task, I started ADDC 8 hours earlier than scheduled because I went astray from working on stuff with Illustrator. Bad girl.

Octopus blowing bubbles.

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