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Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #10 – Labrador & Caterpillar

A labrador retriever meets a tall caterpillar with prosthetic feet.

Should rename “Almost Daily Doodle Challenge” to “Retarded Random Doodles”.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #9 – Corporate Wolf

You can call it a corporate dog, corporate wolf, corporate husky… whatever pun you like. I personally thinks canines in suits are as cute as a squirrel’s nose.

I think it’s an adorable Sunday morning doodle post. Way to start a day.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #7 – Tappy Yeti

Fast doodle of a yeti tapping an iPad, perhaps?

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #6 – Self Portrait Horror

This is what I doodle when I don’t even try to think too much.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #5 – Ideal Co-Founders

I think this combination makes a golden team. Match made in the swamp heaven.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #4 – Pommo Feet

The many feet of a happy senior pomeranian named momo.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #3 – Octopus’s Bubble

I can’t focus on my task, I started ADDC 8 hours earlier than scheduled because I went astray from working on stuff with Illustrator. Bad girl.

Octopus blowing bubbles.

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge #2

Doodle of the day #2 – ghost fish

I’ve no idea what I’m doodling. Cataflip has a new project coming up though. My senior dog caught cold, hope he gets better soon. Overall it’s a rainy indoor Sunday!

Almost Daily Doodle Challenge Starts NOW! #1

I’m have something in my sleeve: I’m gonna start a doodle challenge! This means I’ll try to doodle 1 small stuff almost everyday (impossible to doodle everyday due to schedule unless I cheat). Since I have no background in illustration, design and art, this challenge sounds like an assignment to me. Oh well…

Doodles will have rough lines and coloring because they’ll be made with speed in mind. I don’t know what I’m doing and I’ll never expect what the outcome will be… just normal digital doodles!

Doodle #1 – Why What How?!

I’m busy, you know? Working from an ex C# developer now learning CSS, like throwing XAML down the drain but definitely worth it for my case.

Anyway, 1 doodle a day makes depression away! Yay!!!

Keyboard Cat GIF

It’s Sunday, I should be working on Wooffle and doing other types of illustration stuff. Stay-focused? Nope. I ended up making a animated keyboard cat gif. Whenever I think of YouTube, I’ll think of this happy gem.

Getting my ass back to work, let’s hope I don’t mess up this time. Hasta luego.

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