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Like only lovers can

Secret project coming soon with more of these sweet, sweet little things. Hope I don’t flop it.


The Mega Leap

No update for this blog does not mean I’m on a hiatus.

December 2012 – Launched Catmoji.

March to October 2013 – Cali the cat. She fell ill and died.

I don’t remember what happen since October because it was depressing to lose Cali.

But Picmoji, project RallyCall and PlayRally happened.


Hello /* from half a */ World //away


I am in Santiago, Chile for Start-up Chile and will stay for more than 6 months.1 month after being static and kept in pouch, flew from Penang to Santiago, this lovely drawing tablet still works with my caveman doodle :)

I’m happier than a pigeon with infinite bread crumbs.

New & Cute Namecard Design for Flvrd!

We’ve ordered a few stacks of namecards from our friend Ray Beh (who is also the director at Sogo Studio Webs & Graphic Design).The matte name cards have rounded corner and simple design, but cute enough make you want to keep it for real!

Itteh bitteh Flvrd Namecards for Grab! Oooh my!

Best part is that Ray was very patient in guiding me to provide the most suitable source file and he also gave us a very good price! And then he sent them to my home through courier to make sure they reached before we leave Penang for Silicon Valley Comes to Malaysia (SVC2M, StartupMalaysia.org). He even gave us extras! Big thanks to Ray, definitely recommend him to print namecards for you!

Find these when you're in SVC2M 2011 to unlock the other side of the namecard!

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